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About Our Club

Training dogs is a wonderful way to further develop the natural bond between humans and dogs. A trained dog is a content, balanced and happy dog. From the Doberman to the Border Collie, from toy dogs to sled dogs, all offer the same basic level of understanding and ability to learn and this is something which any dog would appreciate you taking advantage of. Dog obedience training is not about giving commands and pushing dogs to work hard instead of enjoying life, it's quite the opposite. The fact is that a dog working for a human is the most natural and fulfilled dog you could ever meet as canine instincts have developed over thousands of years to do just that, to work for us instinctively. This doesn't have to be in a strict vocational way, it could just be the game where your dog brings that tennis ball back to your hand instead of your feet, or fetching the morning paper from the door for you.


The Peninsula Obedience Dog Club provides a friendly and happy environment for the very purpose of bringing like minded people, together with their canine friends, to enjoy the experience of having a bit of fun whilst benefiting themselves and the community generally in becoming responsible handlers with, of course, socially acceptable dogs. Obedience is not about having a 'trophy' dog but at PODC we do provide a level of training which can see handlers and their dogs reach competition standard should they wish to do so. We start with Puppies [from 3 to 6 months], a Beginners Class for first timers with the more mature dogs, moving through to Class 5 for those dogs of a higher standard, and for those wishing to Trial their dogs ring training.


Why would you want to bother with obedience training? Here are a few reasons:


  • It provides mental stimulation and physical activity for an otherwise bored pet.

  • It provides you with a fun and challenging hobby.

  • It strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

  • It helps your dog realise his full potential.

  • Obedience has useful applications in everyday life with your dog.

  • Your family, neighbourhood and community all appreciate a well trained dog.

  • Your veterinarian will be glad you taught your dog to stand quietly for examination. Training for competition builds on basic dog obedience training.

  • Dog training for obedience provides an opportunity for you and your dog to work as a team.


Join us at Peninsula Obedience Dog Club - new members are always welcome. 

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